Thursday, May 28, 2015

Canteen burner must for parties, wayside eateries

A canteen burner is a heavy-duty gas cook top. It is designed to cook food in large quantities. It is useful for cooking food during small and large parties, in office and wayside canteens, and in large families. Such canteen gas burners can also be used in school, colleges and hospitals to prepare food for students and patients as also the relatives of the patients.
High-pressure, high-heat burner
The burner has with it a pipe and high pressure regulator. Among the producers of the canteen burner are a large number of manufacturers. The canteen burner is a high-pressure burner that means high thermal efficiency. It has a heavy quality stainless steel body with heavy MS-coated pan support. Its gas control knob is made of bakelite and operates smoothly. It is easy to use. The entire canteen burner has a warranty of 365 days. Compact and portable, the burner has a long service life. The canteen burner valve has to be of the best quality. The canteen burner usually has a tangential mixing tube, which ensures an even and effective flame. The double ring high pressure canteen burner has a powerful flame.

Different uses
The canteen gas burner can be put to different uses. It can serve as a chapatti bhatti to prepare chapatis in bulk. These have a durable finish, are safe to use, work for long and function well. It can be used for frying alu-wadas or bhajias early in the morning, and get a few cups of tea or coffee ready in a jiffy, using its extra heat power. The customers will not be pleased if they have to wait for long. In the meantime, it can be used to keep the stock dish piping hot. The canteen can be in continuous use to cook snacks, pavbhaji and such fast food. All these jobs need a quick burst of heat to get the dish ready. The canteen gas burner is ideally suited for such work.
Customized for specific use
The canteen burner can be customized to care of the needs of the client. It may have two or three or more burners, depending on the need. The canteen burner flame is blue, without smoke or free carbon. It is pressurized gas burner, increasing its heating capacity greatly. The burners can be washed and cleaned easily to maintain hygienic cooking conditions.
Discounts and offers
It is easy and convenient to buy a canteen burner online. The manufacturer will display a higher listed price but will offer it at a much smaller than the listed price. Thus a reasonably good single canteen burner can be purchased for roughly Rs 3500/-. The price keeps going up with every improvement in the burner. Along with discounts, the manufacturers and the online stockists will also offer special festival discounts, special sales and many payment alternatives. The buyers can pay online through net banking, in cash on delivery or through credit and debit cards.
Must for a biggish family
If is a biggish household with friends of every family member tending to drop in without a notice or at a short notice, a canteen burner will serve the family well.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some simple tips with which you can maximize the use of small kitchen space

It is rightly said that every man’s home is his castle. One of the most important parts of this castle is the kitchen, where food preparation is done, the storage of food is located and family gathers every day and spends time together with each other during eating food. But, if your kitchen is small how can you design the kitchen layout or interiors so that it can fulfill its function.

When you are designing the kitchen interiors or layout, you need to consider three functions of kitchen area in your home. The first function is the storage of the food. For that, you require an assortment of kitchen cabinets as well as kitchen drawers in your home. The second function is food preparation area where you are going to prepare all types of food every day. Here, you need to check that the placement of refrigerator and the stove is far from each other. The third function of the kitchen, which you need to consider, is the installation of sink for cleaning of pots, utensils and other items.

The main issue when you have a small kitchen area is that, it is very difficult to accommodate all the three functions in the kitchen due to constraint in space. But, there are many methods with which you can manage to include all functions with easy work flow in small and yet functional kitchen. In this article, we offer your some simple tips with which you can maximize the use of small kitchen space.

Some simple tips with which you can maximize the use of small kitchen space
  1. Purchasing small kitchen appliances
When you have small kitchen interiors, the best way to save space is to get small but smart kitchen appliances. When you are renovating or remodeling the kitchen, you should throw out the old appliances or sell them in garage sales. Today, you can get lot of small models in infinite range in showrooms as well as internet shopping websites. You can choose different appliances including cheap gas stove online and get home delivery.
  1. Installation of deep kitchen cabinets
When you install kitchen cabinets in kitchen area, make sure that they have good depth. This will enable you to save space as well as get accommodation for lot of things. This is one of the trade secrets of the kitchen designers. When you visit showrooms, you will be able to browse kitchen cabinet collection, where some models are available with customized racks. You can choose the cabinets with racks that fulfill all your requirements. These racks help you to store all your utensils and can be tracked down easily when they are required.
These are only some of the tips which will help you to design and furnish your small and modern kitchen without any stress. All you have to do is to use your own imagination and take suggestions from your family members to customize the kitchen area as per your family’s requirements and lifestyle. With these suggestions, you can enjoy a kitchen area at your home which makes a style statement as well is functional for fulfillment of your requirements.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to clean your kitchen

With spring looming around the corner; it is as good as a time to clean your kitchen. More than any room in   the house, the kitchen is prone to dust, mold and other forms of filth. Coupled with the fact that some of the kitchen appliances are difficult to clean, so how do you go about cleaning them?
If you have a stainless steel machine, purchase a bottle of stainless steel cleaner and wipe off the exterior. If there is an enamel coating, scrub the exterior with the regular household cleaner, whereas, for the interiors, the standard practice is to run an empty cycle on the most powerful of settings. Be sure to first remove and clean the filter first.
When one compares it to any other kitchen appliance, this requires some amount of elbow greasing. Douse a sponge in a solution of baking soda and water and then scrub the surface of the interiors. This includes the gaskets, trays and vegetable drawers. If they are any removable components, take off their sides and wash them. Studies point to a fact that the vegetable drawer might be the most germ infected place in your kitchen, so you need to take extra care to ensure that it is clean.

The exterior of the refrigerator can be cleaned with a traditional cleaner or a stainless steel cleaner for stainless fridges. It would also be not a bad idea to clean the condenser coil on the back of the machine as the excess of dust accumulation drains the fridge and lowers down its efficiency. First and foremost, unplug the refrigerator, and if possible remove the coil. Dust the coil and the area around it, and then vacuum the area around it to remove the stubborn dust.
Freezers make it a hard breeding ground for microbes to live. If left unchecked for long, freezer bacteria tend to contaminate your food. The difficult part is that to remove the nasty germs, you need to defrost the fridge as you will need to unplug the machine and leave it open. This means that the dirty ice is going on to slip on the kitchen floor. Soak up the ice by leaving the towels towards the base of the fridge and be sure to hand over these towels to the nearest laundry. The last thing which you would want to do is to dry your dishes with a towel covered in freezer germs.
First unplug the machine, remove the turntable and wash it with a simple detergent. In case of the interiors, rinse and scrub each area with a damp cloth doused with hot water. Ensure that the stains are removed. If there is any odor which you feel, leave a lemon or baking soda in the machine for the night. The outer can be cleaned with a usual detergent. The same formula can be applied to gas stoves, as well. Remove the gas burners and wash with warm soapy water.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to clean your gas stove effectively?

Regular cleaning of your gas stove will keep it looking good, the day as you brought it though you need to take care with the cleaning products you use on the oven or gas stove. Many abrasives and commercial cleaners cause discoloration and can scratch your gas stove or oven surfaces. Before you undertake the cleaning aspect of it, ensure that it is turned off and completely cool. The following sets of guidelines mentioned in the various online gas stove shopping will be of immense help:

Remove the control knobs and wash them in soap water. For the display areas, wipe them with a dry cloth and dry. If you are cleaning the display area with a glass cleaner, spray it first on the cloth first and not on the appliance directly. This will avoid the cleaner seeping inside the mechanisms. Replace the controls after they are cleaned and turn each one on briefly to ensure their replacement.

Burner boxes and surface burners
The new versions of gas stove models have sealed stove over burners. This signifies that they are completely sealed off from the burner boxes. Owners of the gas stoves should never try to remove the sealed burners, and it is a job which needs to be undertaken by the through professionals. The sealed burners also mean that the spills and food cannot spill into the burner box, so removing the burners is not an easy task if you have to clear the gas stove. In the event of you having an old version, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instruction before you open the surface for cleaning.
Regular cleaning of spills will reduce the workload in your kitchen. Wipe the gas stove after each use when it is cooled. Be careful to avoid the gas ports on the burner. If debris accumulates on them, clean them with a toothbrush, a pin or a soft brush. The solid cook top surface should be cleaned with soapy water. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives as they damage the surface of the gas top. Rubbing household ammonia and alcohol diluted with water are good cleaners which will keep your gas stove shining. Acidic spills like tomato along with milk bases should be wiped at the earliest to prevent the dissertation of the porcelain. To absorb a spill, pour salt on it, and when the oven has cooled, wipe it off at the earliest.
For a good, general all round cleaning for your gas oven and gas stove, use warm or soapy water. Water and baking soda are good backup mild abrasives. While you are using commercial cleaners, read the instruction of the manufacturers to be sure that it can be used on your stove finishes. Cleaning and constant use of your gas stove top will keep your appliance shining and good looking.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Advantages of gas stoves over electrical ones

There is a significant reason on why restaurants use gas stoves extensively. The number of advantages is associated to using a gas range as opposed to an electrical range. Though home cooks do not require the same level of performance as a professional chef requires from a stove, they may unearth that gas stoves are simple to work with and they produce dependable results. A host of reasons can be attributed of choosing the gas over the electrical ones.
For people who are concerned about the bottom line which is the price, it tends to be cheaper than an electrical one. This though depends upon the gas used to fuel it and the relevant price of the gas. Though gas stoves tend to be a bit more expensive and cumbersome to install, but people feel that it is the worth when considering costs in the long run. Gas stoves offer invariably control over what is going on the gas top. When adjustments in temperature are made with a gas stove, the temperature changes immediately, rather than the time taken to cool or heat off, as the case with electrical ones. For finicky dishes, the comfort level can be critical. It is also easy to understand on how much heat the pan or pot is getting up looking at the flame, allowing for more accuracy with the gas.

Gas stoves also tend to contribute less to ambient temperatures in the kitchen. After a considerably day of slogging over the stove, the kitchen would be significantly warm as a result of lost heat from the stove, a common issue with most gas stoves. When the power supply is out, gas stoves also work which is a positive in regions with unreliable power supplies and the surface also tends to be much cooler when one compares with the electric stove, reducing the chance of burns. In the historical context, gas ovens have been criticized as being slightly inaccurate and harder to handle than the electrical ones. However, the modern gas stoves offer ovens with excellent performance on par and are often suitable for tasks like baking bread and broiling.
If you are looking to buy gas stove online purchasing in India, then do a systematic review of the various shopping websites. One can go through the features and accessories associated with each brand. In the days gone by, there was a strong reservation about the purchase of kitchen appliances online. A lot has got to do with the fact with the Indian mindset that “if you see it in real, you are more assured.” But the modern thought process of the customers has changed that. Online shopping has gone places, and with a single click of a mouse, you can purchase the desired product. The consumer reviews provide a well-articulated opinion about the purchase which you undertake.