Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cook Your Style

Kitchen is not just a place to cook; it is a place where neighborhood ladies compare their goods and yours. So, if you don’t want to be embarrassed by them, you should take care that your kitchen has the latest appliances like other parts of our house. Not only the latest appliances, but also proper style is very necessary. Let us take a look at the appliances you can have that would lift up the looks of your kitchen.


A metallic double door refrigerator can simply make your kitchen look great and advanced. But it is huge and may hold up space and you might have a space constraint in your kitchen. Nothing to worry, you can also have smaller options of refrigerators according to your requirements of style, looks and size. No matter what you choose, you must have a trendy refrigerator if you want a stylish kitchen.

Chimneys and Stoves

Smoky windows and black burnt ceilings are not what you want in a stylish looking kitchen. Hence, start with online store and check for the latest and futuristic looking designer chimneys. Chimneys will save the ceilings and also add style. They are also very easy to clean due to their smooth and sleek finish. Indian kitchens can never get rid of the traditional gas stoves, but the stainless steel stoves can surely look different now. Check for designer gas stoves on online stores and you will be stunned with the range of stoves available these days. You can find matching chimneys and stoves. Also, if your counter has a marble top, the marble top kitchen stoves would be the perfect match for your kitchen. The neighbors will be envious of your choice and you will be spending almost the same amount that they did. Cheap and good looking appliances can simply change vibes of your kitchen and cooking can be an exciting job.

Other Devices

Apart from the stoves and chimneys, a small induction cooking system can be a great addition to do minimal cooking. It can be an alternate cooking option if you run out of gas unexpectedly. The new technologies and looks would take your kitchen, back to the future. Modern microwave ovens are a great piece of appliance, not only for style, but also for cooking occasional treats like cakes and pizzas for your young ones. These devices can be expensive and very stylish, but they are very energy efficient and hence, you sure will have the final laugh. Blenders can look normal, but check out for extra features like water heating system so that you can cook instant soups straight from your blender. Always choose a matching color for all your appliances with your kitchen so that the appliances seem to be in uniform.

These devices are more intelligent than stylish. Having them in your house will make cooking easier and much more fun. The neighborhood friends will just be envious and you can go on explaining about your hi-tech choices, all day long.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Best ways of cooking for maximum health benefits

Food is the main aspect that has a great impact on our health. Choosing the right ingredients, food items and recipe is not enough to ensure that the food we eat will provide us maximum nutrition values. It is also important to choose our way of cooking for best health benefits from food. Cooking of food must be done in such as way that it retains the maximum nutrition value of the food and provides best health benefits to us. Here are two basic ways that can be adopted for retaining the nutrition in food during cooking.

Slow cookers

Studies suggest that if the food is cooked slowly for a long time, it gives the maximum benefits and also has a better taste and flavor. There are many reasons why you should adopt slow cooking. The first reason is that it will give a boost to the flavors of the food ingredients and will do justice to your recipe. Slow cooking allows the food to cook in its own juices, which cause flavors to infuse properly.

The second reason is that you get plenty of time free for other things when you are cooking on a slow cooker. You try to make stew in a slow cooker by putting all the ingredients at once and set the required time and forget it. A slow cooker can be used to create delicious dishes while being at work or spending time with family.  It is very difficult to make mistake when cooking on a slow cooker as it gives a plenty of time. The low cooking temperature packs the dishes with flavour and nutrition. Also, with low cooking temperature, it is not possible for you to burn, scorch or over cook your recipe. In fact, longer cooking time gives the flavours from different ingredients. You can easily buy a slow cooker from online store and enjoy its benefits.

Meethi angeethi

Meethi angeethi is an innovative concept that combines the benefits of traditional cooking on coal along with the ease of the modern gas stoves. The meethi angeethi is equipped with modern gas burners along with lava rocks on it. The lava rocks provide you the benefits of cooking on coal without the hazards associated with the coal. The lava rocks are best for absorbing the excess of grease and oil from the recipes making it a healthy way of cooking. Another benefit of meethi angeethi cook tops is that the lava rocks are good in retaining heat hence save energy. The best thing about meethi angeethi is that the lava rocks have lifetime durability, and hence you can keep enjoying the benefits for your life.  This form of cooking is recommended by most of the health experts as it is beneficial in conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. As the food cooked on meethi angeethi is less fatty and oily, it can be a great option for weight management. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cooking methods that make cooking fun and easy

In the last several years, the lifestyle of people has changed a lot. With the changes in lifestyles, the homes of people have also faced many changed. The most significant changes can be seen in the kitchen of the modern times. Now there are many different technologically advanced appliances and equipment that have made cooking a very easy, fast and enjoyable task. In today’s world, you will find many different methods of cooking which are faster than the older wood and cola fire and also very safe and easy to use. Let us discuss these cooking methods in details. 

Gas stoves 

Gas stoves are sued in almost every kitchen all around the world. The gas stoves are so popular that even the professional chefs prefer to cook on them. The gas stoves provide you a great control over your cooking as they allow you to adjust the flames in very less tie by just turning a knob. The gas stoves also provide you very even heat distribution, which makes them very energy efficient as very little heat is lost to the environment. The gas stoves are available in variety of designs and various numbers of burners so that you can choose one according to your requirements. For gas stoves, online shopping India is the best way to buy so that you could save some money and get the best product.  


Microwaves are used for very fast cooking without fire. They use very short waves for heating and cooking food. They allow you to easily bake, roast, toast and reheat your food. The microwaves come in a variety of sizes and capacity. Microwaves are also programmable hence you can set a particular time and temperature for a dish so that it is not over cooked or burnt. Make sure that when you buy a microwave; check its energy efficiency so that your electricity bills do not shatter your budget in future. 

Induction cookers 

Induction cookers are new to the cooking technology and are becoming popular at a very fast pace. The reason for such popularity is the ease of use and the safety they providing while using. The induction cookers induce small eddy currents in the cookware which produce heat for cooking. They work on the simple principle of electromagnetic induction. The induction cookers are very precise in heat supply hence provide heat only to the base of the cooking pot leaving the rest of the surface of the cook top cool. The only problem is that you have to use special cookware made from ferrous materials so that they could induce heat. The induction cookers also let you control the heat very fast, even faster than the gas stoves hence are a god cooking method for the modern kitchens. 

With these modern cooking methods, cooking food in kitchen has become fun, easy and enjoyable.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Different cooking methods used in modern kitchens

In last several years, cooking habits of people have changed to a great extent. People are now using various methods of cooking ranging from gas, electricity and even electromagnetic induction. Every cooking method has their own pros and cons and people use them according to their cooking habits and requirements. If you are also planning to buy a cooking range or a stove for your kitchen, here is some information for you about different cooking methods used in the modern kitchen  so that you could decide which one is best for you based upon your cooking habits and cooking requirements.

Gas stoves

Gas stoves are the favourite among all the cooking methods used in the modern world. Even the professional cooks and chefs prefer to cook on gas stove for a simple reason that the gas stoves are best for better control on cooking. When you are using a gas stove, you can easily decrease and increase the heat by adjusting the flames, and for that, all you need to do is just turn a knob. As you have a complete control over heat, you can try even the trickiest recipes in your kitchen. Additionally, when you have complete control on heat, you can decide the time taken for your dish to cook. The heat is evenly distributed to the base of cooking utensil, which makes it more efficient and economical. The gas stoves are available in various aesthetic designs too such as marble top gas stoves, glass top gas stoves, stainless steel gas stoves and others. The best thing about gas stoves is that they are not dependent on electricity for working, which makes them suitable for areas where there is a problem of electricity shortage or frequent power cuts.

Electric stoves

Electric stoves are also used for cooking. They consist of a heating coil called element. Although electric stoves are not very efficient and economical, yet they can be used when there is absence of gas. Electric stoves are easy to use, but they possess a great safety threat.

Induction cookers

Induction cookers are the most advanced cooking method, which uses electricity and works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. They actually do not produce any heat but convert the cooking utensil into a heat producing object. The induction cookers induce small eddy currents in the cooking utensil, which cause them to produce heat, which is used for cooking. The only problem with induction cookers is that you cannot use the normal cooking utensils with them. In order to cook on an induction cooker, you must buy some cooking pots and pans with a perfectly flat base and are made from ferrous material. The induction cookers are programmable and are very safe to use. They provide heat so precisely that only the base of the utensil is heated, which makes them efficient and economical too.

Way to happiness through kitchen appliances

Kitchen continues to be a vital part of a family home. One way to simple happiness is through everybody’s stomach. Generally the only occasion when all the family members are present together and have the time and the inclination to talk with each other is one of the meals most families make it a point to have together. Good meals amid loving bonhomie strengthen the family bond. The kitchen is where many childhood memories are centered. These form a treasured possession of every person for the remainder of life.  Modern kitchens with more and more facilities and appliances for cooking varied and better fare turn the family bonds sweeter.
The kitchenware
A kitchen needs so many types of products. It needs furniture in the form of a dining table and a set of chairs; cupboards and racks to store raw food materials and utensils; and the kitchen platform with water taps and sink. Then a kitchen needs cooking stoves, gas cylinders or piped gas, refrigerator, and an unending list of gadgets like a mixer-grinder, food processer, blenders and toasters.  It needs a vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher and a chimney to carry out the smoke and fume produced during cooking.

Modern kitchen

The transformation of the kitchen over the past few decades has turned cooking into a pleasurable work, even for the male members of the family. With so many appliances and cooking equipment making all the cooking processer easier and easily controllable, cooking is no more a thankless drudgery it once was. Almost all members of the family now display interest in learning a new dish every now and then. And they often go in for innovative and rich recipes never tried before at homes.

Online shops

Online kitchenware shops have contributed greatly in turning kitchen into a place of everyone’s interest. They offer kitchen products online of every type the kitchen could need. And they offer the products in many sizes, qualities and prices ranges so that every family can go for what it needs, what suits it and what it can afford.

Kitchen gadgets

The kitchenware includes juicer mixer grinders, mixer blender chopper, microwave ovens, induction cookers and cooktops, gas stoves, geysers and heaters, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, fans and air coolers, cookers, cookware, dining products, storage and containers, tools, grocery and the list continues. All these products are available in different sizes, qualities and price ranges.

Online competition

Many online shops are now engaged in a fierce competition to grab a good chunk of the emerging online market in India. They offer many incentives for the buyers, including discounts, special offers, free delivery and convenient modes of payment. This works to the advantage of the consumers and they can get the best of bargains at the moment by carefully assessing the offers of various online shops and brands offering the same product.

Nice and easy

With a well-equipped, well-stocked kitchen, modern nuclear families, with both the partners working out of the house full time, can easily manage to prepare wholesome multi-course meals without too much of hassles.  They can also easily meet the needs of their growing child.