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Monday, April 27, 2015

Angeethi taste back again

Angeethi is a stove having a container full of live coals and covered with a thin metal top or a grill on which the food is cooked. It is a brazier used usually for cooking in North India, Pakistan and Nepal. In an angeethi, the heat is generated by burning coal. It has glowing charcoal but no flame. The angeethi design is now being improving by the application of modern technology.
Lava rocks replace coal
In meethi angeethi cooktops, coal has been replaced by lava rocks. It has a cast iron burner that can be filled with lava rocks or it can also be used a regular gas burner. When the lava rocks are heated, they work as coal. They don’t produce smoke or ash. So they eliminate the disadvantages of coal. They bring all the benefits of the traditional angeethi like slow cooking, retention of all the juices and flavors of the ingredients, no burning of any part of the food, improved taste and flavor. They reduce the fat and oil content in the food and thus can be good for the patients of diabetes and high blood pressure. Such cooking keeps the nutritional values of the food intact as also its mineral and vitamin contents. The lava rock receptacle is covered with a grill or a cooktop on which meat pieces, fish or vegetables can be put and cooked or grilled.
One angeethi burner
Some manufacturers are now offering meethi angeethi cooktops with one of the three, four or more burner being a meethi angeethi lava rock burner, thus trying to support the best of traditional cooking methods. They promise even and consistent heating, and better barbecue results without the smoky flavor. The lava rocks are durable and the gas stove has a one-year warranty. The gas stove has sufficient space to allow simultaneous use of all the burners for cooking and grilling without causing any inconvenience. The stainless steel body has a toughened glass top. The nice-looking, smooth-functioning knobs are made of bakelite. The manufacturers also offer a single=burner meethi angeethi exclusively for grilling or barbeque cooking.

Not too much of competition
Various manufacturers now offer a four-burner gas stove, including one lava rock meethi angeethi burner, at prices of Rs5000, Rs6000, Rs7000, Rs8000 and Rs9000. The deliver may take about five days and the online shops levy charges for home delivery. Only a few manufacturers are supplying right now and there seems to be hardly any competition. But its popularity in many states in India and Pakistani is bound to attract more manufacturers soon.
Nostalgia time
The meethi angeethi is good news for people who still remember the cooking in their childhood on coal angeethi and wish that they get the same taste again. The new angeethi may not be as good as the old one, but it is as close as one can get to the old style. That should be good enough. It will make it possible for many people to fondly recall the old times over grilled kababs or crisp golden toasts and have a nice time, once in a while.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Lot of options in gas stoves in online shopping

Gas stoves have made cooking easier, faster, convenient and comfortable. Two, three or more dishes can be cooked simultaneously and in a short time, without any problems. The heating is faster, more intense, and better controlled. It can be turned off completely instantaneously, when and if necessary. A normal, average nuclear family can comfortably do all the cooking on a two-burner stove. A bigger family may need a three-burner gas stove or a four-burner gas stove.
Performance and looks
The modern gas stoves have stainless body, perhaps with toughened glass top. The gas stoves not only perform their main function of producing heat well, they also look beautiful. They bring a fine look to the kitchen. The gas stoves have rust-free brass burners, usually with three rings. These produce a blue flame and prevent blackening of vessels. They are highly efficient burners. The gas flow is turned on and off and controlled by knobs. The stoves may have auto-ignition, meaning that the gas is ignited as the knob if turned to allow the flow. Or, the ignition could be done manually, by using a gas lighter. Below the burners, the stoves have rust-free stainless steel drip trays, for collecting any spillovers and ensuring that cleaning remains easy.

Efficient brass burners
All the burners can have the same size and capacity or one of them may be a small one to facilitate small cooking functions, like warming a small amount of milk for the child or getting a glass of warm water. The pan supports are specially designed to prevent any sort of inconvenience during cooking. The burners are spaced so far apart that four large pots can conveniently be put on them and things cooked simultaneously, quite comfortably. The stoves usually have a one-year warranty.
Competing companies
Dozens of companies manufacture gas stoves to suit various budgets. While a simple four-burner gas stove with a reasonably good performance may cost around Rs10000, the cost can go up and up to over Rs20000 for better-quality gas stoves. And there could be no upper limit as companies keep adding one small feature to every aspect of the stove and try to attract buyers.
Many allurements
Anyone wishing to buy gas stove online in India now has enormous choice. Most online shops make available gas stoves of about half a dozen well-known brands. They usually offer a free delivery within four or five days. The manufacturers set their price in their brochures. But they offer some discount there. The online shops offer more discounts. They also come up with festival offers, when the discounts can be higher. With most online shoppers now engaged in a fierce battle to wrest a fair chunk of the online market share across the country, the competition is intense. The buyer has to exploit this situation and go for hard-headed bargains and get the best possible deal.
What is important?
A gas stove is not something any family will purchase time and again. So, it will be better for the buyers to assess their exact need, look for the gas stove that meets those needs and then go for the deal.