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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Canteen burner must for parties, wayside eateries

A canteen burner is a heavy-duty gas cook top. It is designed to cook food in large quantities. It is useful for cooking food during small and large parties, in office and wayside canteens, and in large families. Such canteen gas burners can also be used in school, colleges and hospitals to prepare food for students and patients as also the relatives of the patients.
High-pressure, high-heat burner
The burner has with it a pipe and high pressure regulator. Among the producers of the canteen burner are a large number of manufacturers. The canteen burner is a high-pressure burner that means high thermal efficiency. It has a heavy quality stainless steel body with heavy MS-coated pan support. Its gas control knob is made of bakelite and operates smoothly. It is easy to use. The entire canteen burner has a warranty of 365 days. Compact and portable, the burner has a long service life. The canteen burner valve has to be of the best quality. The canteen burner usually has a tangential mixing tube, which ensures an even and effective flame. The double ring high pressure canteen burner has a powerful flame.

Different uses
The canteen gas burner can be put to different uses. It can serve as a chapatti bhatti to prepare chapatis in bulk. These have a durable finish, are safe to use, work for long and function well. It can be used for frying alu-wadas or bhajias early in the morning, and get a few cups of tea or coffee ready in a jiffy, using its extra heat power. The customers will not be pleased if they have to wait for long. In the meantime, it can be used to keep the stock dish piping hot. The canteen can be in continuous use to cook snacks, pavbhaji and such fast food. All these jobs need a quick burst of heat to get the dish ready. The canteen gas burner is ideally suited for such work.
Customized for specific use
The canteen burner can be customized to care of the needs of the client. It may have two or three or more burners, depending on the need. The canteen burner flame is blue, without smoke or free carbon. It is pressurized gas burner, increasing its heating capacity greatly. The burners can be washed and cleaned easily to maintain hygienic cooking conditions.
Discounts and offers
It is easy and convenient to buy a canteen burner online. The manufacturer will display a higher listed price but will offer it at a much smaller than the listed price. Thus a reasonably good single canteen burner can be purchased for roughly Rs 3500/-. The price keeps going up with every improvement in the burner. Along with discounts, the manufacturers and the online stockists will also offer special festival discounts, special sales and many payment alternatives. The buyers can pay online through net banking, in cash on delivery or through credit and debit cards.
Must for a biggish family
If is a biggish household with friends of every family member tending to drop in without a notice or at a short notice, a canteen burner will serve the family well.