Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to clean your kitchen

With spring looming around the corner; it is as good as a time to clean your kitchen. More than any room in   the house, the kitchen is prone to dust, mold and other forms of filth. Coupled with the fact that some of the kitchen appliances are difficult to clean, so how do you go about cleaning them?
If you have a stainless steel machine, purchase a bottle of stainless steel cleaner and wipe off the exterior. If there is an enamel coating, scrub the exterior with the regular household cleaner, whereas, for the interiors, the standard practice is to run an empty cycle on the most powerful of settings. Be sure to first remove and clean the filter first.
When one compares it to any other kitchen appliance, this requires some amount of elbow greasing. Douse a sponge in a solution of baking soda and water and then scrub the surface of the interiors. This includes the gaskets, trays and vegetable drawers. If they are any removable components, take off their sides and wash them. Studies point to a fact that the vegetable drawer might be the most germ infected place in your kitchen, so you need to take extra care to ensure that it is clean.

The exterior of the refrigerator can be cleaned with a traditional cleaner or a stainless steel cleaner for stainless fridges. It would also be not a bad idea to clean the condenser coil on the back of the machine as the excess of dust accumulation drains the fridge and lowers down its efficiency. First and foremost, unplug the refrigerator, and if possible remove the coil. Dust the coil and the area around it, and then vacuum the area around it to remove the stubborn dust.
Freezers make it a hard breeding ground for microbes to live. If left unchecked for long, freezer bacteria tend to contaminate your food. The difficult part is that to remove the nasty germs, you need to defrost the fridge as you will need to unplug the machine and leave it open. This means that the dirty ice is going on to slip on the kitchen floor. Soak up the ice by leaving the towels towards the base of the fridge and be sure to hand over these towels to the nearest laundry. The last thing which you would want to do is to dry your dishes with a towel covered in freezer germs.
First unplug the machine, remove the turntable and wash it with a simple detergent. In case of the interiors, rinse and scrub each area with a damp cloth doused with hot water. Ensure that the stains are removed. If there is any odor which you feel, leave a lemon or baking soda in the machine for the night. The outer can be cleaned with a usual detergent. The same formula can be applied to gas stoves, as well. Remove the gas burners and wash with warm soapy water.