Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to clean your gas stove effectively?

Regular cleaning of your gas stove will keep it looking good, the day as you brought it though you need to take care with the cleaning products you use on the oven or gas stove. Many abrasives and commercial cleaners cause discoloration and can scratch your gas stove or oven surfaces. Before you undertake the cleaning aspect of it, ensure that it is turned off and completely cool. The following sets of guidelines mentioned in the various online gas stove shopping will be of immense help:

Remove the control knobs and wash them in soap water. For the display areas, wipe them with a dry cloth and dry. If you are cleaning the display area with a glass cleaner, spray it first on the cloth first and not on the appliance directly. This will avoid the cleaner seeping inside the mechanisms. Replace the controls after they are cleaned and turn each one on briefly to ensure their replacement.

Burner boxes and surface burners
The new versions of gas stove models have sealed stove over burners. This signifies that they are completely sealed off from the burner boxes. Owners of the gas stoves should never try to remove the sealed burners, and it is a job which needs to be undertaken by the through professionals. The sealed burners also mean that the spills and food cannot spill into the burner box, so removing the burners is not an easy task if you have to clear the gas stove. In the event of you having an old version, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instruction before you open the surface for cleaning.
Regular cleaning of spills will reduce the workload in your kitchen. Wipe the gas stove after each use when it is cooled. Be careful to avoid the gas ports on the burner. If debris accumulates on them, clean them with a toothbrush, a pin or a soft brush. The solid cook top surface should be cleaned with soapy water. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives as they damage the surface of the gas top. Rubbing household ammonia and alcohol diluted with water are good cleaners which will keep your gas stove shining. Acidic spills like tomato along with milk bases should be wiped at the earliest to prevent the dissertation of the porcelain. To absorb a spill, pour salt on it, and when the oven has cooled, wipe it off at the earliest.
For a good, general all round cleaning for your gas oven and gas stove, use warm or soapy water. Water and baking soda are good backup mild abrasives. While you are using commercial cleaners, read the instruction of the manufacturers to be sure that it can be used on your stove finishes. Cleaning and constant use of your gas stove top will keep your appliance shining and good looking.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Advantages of gas stoves over electrical ones

There is a significant reason on why restaurants use gas stoves extensively. The number of advantages is associated to using a gas range as opposed to an electrical range. Though home cooks do not require the same level of performance as a professional chef requires from a stove, they may unearth that gas stoves are simple to work with and they produce dependable results. A host of reasons can be attributed of choosing the gas over the electrical ones.
For people who are concerned about the bottom line which is the price, it tends to be cheaper than an electrical one. This though depends upon the gas used to fuel it and the relevant price of the gas. Though gas stoves tend to be a bit more expensive and cumbersome to install, but people feel that it is the worth when considering costs in the long run. Gas stoves offer invariably control over what is going on the gas top. When adjustments in temperature are made with a gas stove, the temperature changes immediately, rather than the time taken to cool or heat off, as the case with electrical ones. For finicky dishes, the comfort level can be critical. It is also easy to understand on how much heat the pan or pot is getting up looking at the flame, allowing for more accuracy with the gas.

Gas stoves also tend to contribute less to ambient temperatures in the kitchen. After a considerably day of slogging over the stove, the kitchen would be significantly warm as a result of lost heat from the stove, a common issue with most gas stoves. When the power supply is out, gas stoves also work which is a positive in regions with unreliable power supplies and the surface also tends to be much cooler when one compares with the electric stove, reducing the chance of burns. In the historical context, gas ovens have been criticized as being slightly inaccurate and harder to handle than the electrical ones. However, the modern gas stoves offer ovens with excellent performance on par and are often suitable for tasks like baking bread and broiling.
If you are looking to buy gas stove online purchasing in India, then do a systematic review of the various shopping websites. One can go through the features and accessories associated with each brand. In the days gone by, there was a strong reservation about the purchase of kitchen appliances online. A lot has got to do with the fact with the Indian mindset that “if you see it in real, you are more assured.” But the modern thought process of the customers has changed that. Online shopping has gone places, and with a single click of a mouse, you can purchase the desired product. The consumer reviews provide a well-articulated opinion about the purchase which you undertake.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Angeethi taste back again

Angeethi is a stove having a container full of live coals and covered with a thin metal top or a grill on which the food is cooked. It is a brazier used usually for cooking in North India, Pakistan and Nepal. In an angeethi, the heat is generated by burning coal. It has glowing charcoal but no flame. The angeethi design is now being improving by the application of modern technology.
Lava rocks replace coal
In meethi angeethi cooktops, coal has been replaced by lava rocks. It has a cast iron burner that can be filled with lava rocks or it can also be used a regular gas burner. When the lava rocks are heated, they work as coal. They don’t produce smoke or ash. So they eliminate the disadvantages of coal. They bring all the benefits of the traditional angeethi like slow cooking, retention of all the juices and flavors of the ingredients, no burning of any part of the food, improved taste and flavor. They reduce the fat and oil content in the food and thus can be good for the patients of diabetes and high blood pressure. Such cooking keeps the nutritional values of the food intact as also its mineral and vitamin contents. The lava rock receptacle is covered with a grill or a cooktop on which meat pieces, fish or vegetables can be put and cooked or grilled.
One angeethi burner
Some manufacturers are now offering meethi angeethi cooktops with one of the three, four or more burner being a meethi angeethi lava rock burner, thus trying to support the best of traditional cooking methods. They promise even and consistent heating, and better barbecue results without the smoky flavor. The lava rocks are durable and the gas stove has a one-year warranty. The gas stove has sufficient space to allow simultaneous use of all the burners for cooking and grilling without causing any inconvenience. The stainless steel body has a toughened glass top. The nice-looking, smooth-functioning knobs are made of bakelite. The manufacturers also offer a single=burner meethi angeethi exclusively for grilling or barbeque cooking.

Not too much of competition
Various manufacturers now offer a four-burner gas stove, including one lava rock meethi angeethi burner, at prices of Rs5000, Rs6000, Rs7000, Rs8000 and Rs9000. The deliver may take about five days and the online shops levy charges for home delivery. Only a few manufacturers are supplying right now and there seems to be hardly any competition. But its popularity in many states in India and Pakistani is bound to attract more manufacturers soon.
Nostalgia time
The meethi angeethi is good news for people who still remember the cooking in their childhood on coal angeethi and wish that they get the same taste again. The new angeethi may not be as good as the old one, but it is as close as one can get to the old style. That should be good enough. It will make it possible for many people to fondly recall the old times over grilled kababs or crisp golden toasts and have a nice time, once in a while.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Lot of options in gas stoves in online shopping

Gas stoves have made cooking easier, faster, convenient and comfortable. Two, three or more dishes can be cooked simultaneously and in a short time, without any problems. The heating is faster, more intense, and better controlled. It can be turned off completely instantaneously, when and if necessary. A normal, average nuclear family can comfortably do all the cooking on a two-burner stove. A bigger family may need a three-burner gas stove or a four-burner gas stove.
Performance and looks
The modern gas stoves have stainless body, perhaps with toughened glass top. The gas stoves not only perform their main function of producing heat well, they also look beautiful. They bring a fine look to the kitchen. The gas stoves have rust-free brass burners, usually with three rings. These produce a blue flame and prevent blackening of vessels. They are highly efficient burners. The gas flow is turned on and off and controlled by knobs. The stoves may have auto-ignition, meaning that the gas is ignited as the knob if turned to allow the flow. Or, the ignition could be done manually, by using a gas lighter. Below the burners, the stoves have rust-free stainless steel drip trays, for collecting any spillovers and ensuring that cleaning remains easy.

Efficient brass burners
All the burners can have the same size and capacity or one of them may be a small one to facilitate small cooking functions, like warming a small amount of milk for the child or getting a glass of warm water. The pan supports are specially designed to prevent any sort of inconvenience during cooking. The burners are spaced so far apart that four large pots can conveniently be put on them and things cooked simultaneously, quite comfortably. The stoves usually have a one-year warranty.
Competing companies
Dozens of companies manufacture gas stoves to suit various budgets. While a simple four-burner gas stove with a reasonably good performance may cost around Rs10000, the cost can go up and up to over Rs20000 for better-quality gas stoves. And there could be no upper limit as companies keep adding one small feature to every aspect of the stove and try to attract buyers.
Many allurements
Anyone wishing to buy gas stove online in India now has enormous choice. Most online shops make available gas stoves of about half a dozen well-known brands. They usually offer a free delivery within four or five days. The manufacturers set their price in their brochures. But they offer some discount there. The online shops offer more discounts. They also come up with festival offers, when the discounts can be higher. With most online shoppers now engaged in a fierce battle to wrest a fair chunk of the online market share across the country, the competition is intense. The buyer has to exploit this situation and go for hard-headed bargains and get the best possible deal.
What is important?
A gas stove is not something any family will purchase time and again. So, it will be better for the buyers to assess their exact need, look for the gas stove that meets those needs and then go for the deal.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What is the correct time to purchase kitchen appliances?

There is a common consensus on the basic fact that “Necessity has never paved way to a good deal.” This is still true in the modern world. Consider a situation when you are planning a vacation at the last minute! The ticket prices will be higher and you are bound to be in a financial mess. Compare this with a situation where you had planned your travel in advance. Substantial amount of savings could have emerged say if you had thought of this trip well in advance.
The same concept applies if you had planned the purchase of your kitchen appliances in advance. You will have plenty of time to get a good deal before you desperately need the appliance. The reason for it is that there are certain times of the year when it is considered best for buying kitchen appliances like fridges or for the matter brilliant mirror gas stovesetc. These stoves are a class finished product, and it is one of the most sought out kitchen appliances in the modern world.
So what is the right time to buy a kitchen appliance? And do you need to wait for the time till you desperately need the appliance? One can find answers to the following questions. As far as buying of large appliances is concerned, most of us tend to choose the appliances all the way till the day you die. Though this does ensure maximum use, what it allows is that you can plan the purchase of a new appliance when the prices at an all time low.
Tips to consider while purchasing kitchen appliances
Most of the companies have an estimated life span, which provides you with a rough idea on when the appliance is likely to fail. You can track down its usage to ascertain when it reaches the cutoff point. It may be on the last legs and the consumption of energy may be quite high, as well.
Other major advantage of replacing appliances sooner, is that many new models have emerged in the market, which can make considerable amount of savings on your electricity bills. Like for example, some dish washers require less water to operate and some of them are embedded with sensors that detect when the clothes get dry. This allows you to save time, as well as electricity on your bills and ensure minimum amount of tear on your wardrobe.
In fact, the best time of the year to buy kitchen appliances is during the month of September to October. During this time of the year, the manufacturers tend to reveal the latest models, which are accompanied by the festive season. Exception to this are the refrigerators where the manufacturers follow a reverse model , which means that the products are unveiled in the summer season.
The following tips, if followed to the core can help you get the best in terms of deal.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Five best practices for healthy frying

Most of the people in his world love eating. It is hard to find a person who doesn’t like eating delicious food. The only problem with food is that most of the foods that are loved by people are considered unhealthy. Deep fried foods come in that category. If someone asks you to eat any deep fried snacks, the first thing that comes to your mind is health trouble.
Well, it might seem to you that deep fried foods are always unhealthy for you, but it is not the food that is unhealthy, it is the way of cooking that makes the food unhealthy. If proper cooking methods are used, deep fried food will never be heavy or greasy. The hot oil evaporates the water present inside the food and cooks it from inside and makes it crunchy and crispy from outside. If you choose right temperature for the oil for cooking, and you know when to take the foods out of the oil, then oil will not be absorbed from by the foods, and it will never get heavy. Below are discussed five best cooking tips to prevent fried foods from getting heavy.
  1. No matter which food item, you are planning to cook, it would be better if they are dry. You can pat the food with some paper towels, and then soak them in flour or bread crumbs. With water content inside foods, it can cause splattering and bubbling and also can cause a fire.
  2. Choose the cooking oil that has a high burning point. High burning point of oil prevents smoking and also it can burn your foods. Instead of butter or olive oil, choose peanut oil, sunflower oil, etc. for best cooking.

  1. You must choose a right type of pan for frying your food. A deep pan with a heavy base is an ideal option. Don’t fill the pan with oil to the top. Leave some space in the pan so that the oil does not spill when food is placed in the oven. Use tongs to place the food in to the pan, never drop it in to the pan as it can be dangerous.
  2. Keep a steady temperature. Oil should be heated to a temperature of around 350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain this temperature during cooking. Gas stoves are best for these types of cooking as they provide you the best control over your cooking. With gas stove online shopping in India, you can easily buy gas stoves and enjoy controlled and delicious cooking.
  3. Overcrowding the pan is not advised as it can ruin the taste of the food as well as can cause spillage of food. Place the food carefully in the pan leaving ample space in the pan for even cooking of each piece.
By following these simple but effective tips, you can enjoy tasty and crunchy fried foods without any worries about your health.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to buy LPG Cylinder With #GiveItUp LPG Subsidy Services.

Sunshine Kitchen Appliances recommend  #GiveItUp Services for LPG subsidy.

Come Join Us in Nation Building…
 You are aware that LPG is a highly subsidized commodity in India and the subsidy burden was more than Rs. 40,000 crores during 2013-14. The subsidy saved can be used for development activities thereby benefitting all citizens.
 We call upon all LPG consumers who can afford to pay the market price for their LPG supply to be a part of this nation building exercise by giving up their LPG subsidy.
 We would like you to join the movement & #GiveItUp for a brighter future and deeply appreciate your gesture.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Some point to keep in mind while going on a camping trip

Going on a camping trip is one of the best experiences one can have. It is a great opportunity to enjoy some great time with your partner, family or friends. A camping trip is not only refreshing and adventurous, but it also gives us an opportunity to learn a lot of things about Mother Nature from very close. When you are on a camping trip, there are several things you need to take care of so that you have a safe and happy camping trip. If you have a plan in near future to go on a camping trip, these simple tips would be very helpful for you.
Choose a tent
A tent is very important as you will be sleeping in it. Choose a tent that is made for every season that is summers, rain, autumn and spring. If you are camping in winters, then go for a tent made from heavy material, which will protect you from wind and snow. Along with a good tent, you will also need a sleeping bag for a sound sleep during night.
Take plenty of food
When you are going in the woods, you will definitely need food and there would be no McDonalds or Subway to feed you. You should pack plenty of food for all you going on a camping trip. Pack some canned food, some peanut butter, protein bars, and some bottled drinks as they can be easily carried and do not get spoiled easily.
How will you cook?
If you are planning to cook your own food, you will need something to cook it. The best options are to carry a single burner gas stove or a barbecue grill with you. If you choose gas stove, you will also need to take plenty of fuel with you. If you choose a barbecue grill, take ample amount of charcoal that would last to the end of your trip. With barbecue grill online shopping in India, it becomes really easy for you to buy a barbecue grill and take it to your camping trip.
Medical Kit
When you are out there in wood, some cuts and bruises are obvious, if you are not careful regarding them, then it would be a problem. You should keep your medical kit ready to handle any situation. Include some antibiotics, some mosquito repellent creams, some bandages, some antiseptic solutions and some pain killers in your medical emergency kit. If someone in your group is injured badly, you should definitely seek some professional medical help immediately.
Take some gadgets with you
Here gadget does not mean video games but some flash lights, extra battery, extra charger and a GPS system. Keeping all these systems will make your camping a lot easier and safer. Don’t forget to bring your mobile phone with you. It will be your best friend in case of any emergency.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

What to remember when doing renovation or remodeling of kitchen

As more and more people all over the world are becoming aware about the green movement and the requirement for eco-friendly products, the building industry are also affected in great way. The main reason behind this is the increasing demand of the customers, who are concerned about environmental concerns.
When it comes to the preservation of environment, today there are lots of people, who are aware about the importance of their role. Although, there are very few people who are genuinely concerned about the environment, but other people follow the lead due to feat of chemical reactions and allergy to chemicals. But, it is a fact that more and more people are switching to green modifications in their home, as well as lifestyle. This is also due to the norms and parameters set by national as well as local government authorities. When you are remodeling or renovating your home, the best place when you are doing the green modification is your kitchen. It is a fact that kitchen is one of the most important areas of any premises and the place, which is used most regularly.
With increasing demand for eco-friendly products in the market, today there are many methods, which are very economical when you decide to renovate your kitchen in eco-friendly way. The green hardware, which can be used for installation are not only eco-friendly, but they are also very energy efficient so as to lower the energy and water consumption.

The main things you should remember is that the bad lighting, bad ventilation can cost you lot of money as well as lead to the creation of environmental issues. The selection of bad kitchen appliances can lead to use of too much energy and increasing cost. The over consumption of electricity, water and chemical sensitivities from the products, which contain formaldehyde causes lot of drain on natural resources due to ventilation and natural lighting problems.
One of the greatest concerns after various health hazards is the money and budget before making decision about the building hardware renovation. There are some ways with which you can save money. One of the best methods to save money is to buy smaller and required kitchen appliances together. You can also visit various online websites and choose the required materials such as gas stove online shopping in India.
This is because you can get best deals and also doorstep delivery after completion of payment process. You can also prune you list to cut off unnecessary things and buy the salvaged material. You can cut down on operational maintenance cost with purchase and use of energy efficient microwaves, dishwashers, freezers and refrigerators. When planning the renovation of kitchen, you need to make provision for proper ventilation, as well as the natural daylight. At that time, you should not forget to create windows at the strategic places that allow for fresh air, as well as lot of skylight. This will help in reduction in use of power required for lighting as well as monthly bill.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Tips for buying your #kitchenAppliances

he one thing that everyone has to deal with in their lives is kitchen appliance. Hate it or love it, these are the things without whom, you won’t be able to lead a healthy life. Earlier, buying these utensils was considered to be quite easy and was generally the work of the female members of the household. However, in the modern times, it is the responsibility of both the partners to plan and carefully buy these appliances.
The level of concern while buying these appliances has increased a lot because of the amount of money that goes into them. People have to carry out in-depth researches about the brands, the appliance, etc. before even thinking about buying them. There are so many choices available today that you are more likely to get confused or buy something that you don’t need than getting the thing you need. This is why you have to prioritize things and set your budget. Exceeding your budget and hoping that it does not affect your life is just like trying to stop an asteroid with a small gun. You should always try to wrap up things below your budget because then you will be able to save for many different things.
The budget matters even more when you are going for the bigger appliances like refrigerator, chimneys, etc. These are things that you won’t buy every day and when you do, you’ll hope to keep it for the rest of your life or at least a good 5-7 years before you get rid of them. Whenever you are looking to buy refrigerators, just keep the following points in mind for a better experience.

  • Take into account the space requirements of the fridge.
  • Stick to your budget
  • Try to get in more knowledge about the brands and the features various companies have to offer.
  • Make sure you check the energy saving rating of your choice as over the years the electricity bill saved by these could help you buy other things.
Buying kitchen appliances can be a daunting task when you look at all the features like energy saver, high-end designer models, low-cost models, etc. These things are enough to complicate the buying process. If you ever get into such a situation, the best way to get out of it is to stick to the basics. Just remember why you are there and keep in mind all the things that you need from the appliance. These priorities differ from people to people. A professional cook would go for something high-end while a normal single person who likes to cook would settle for something simple and sound.
As we all know the shopping experience has truly changed with the advent of online retailers, who now offer the option of doing kitchen appliance online shopping. So this was how you can be a sound shopper and always buy what you need.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Make Palak Paneer on Sunshine #MeethiAngeethi Cook tops.

Enjoy cooking with us :

Tasty home-style palak paneer with silver beet.
When I first cooked the palak paneer from the communes’ Zorba the Buddha Cook Book I somehow overlooked that you had to blend the spinach. When I presented the dish to friends I knew it looked wrong but it tasted more delicious than I ever remembered palak paneer tasting. I went back to blending it but never got the same taste. After a recent research I found out that a lot of homemade palak paneer is not blended. So it is this recipe based on the Zorba the Buddha Cook Book recipe that I share with you. By blanching the silver beet or spinach you retain the colour and get a lovely green palak.
Serves 4 if the only curry, or 6 to 8 if eating with other curries
Preparation and cooking time: 35 to 45 minutes
2 bunches of silverbeet or spinach
250 g paneer cut into cubes
2 onions finely diced
2 tsp finely grated ginger
2 cloves garlic minced
2 tomatoes finely diced (these are optional – they are not traditionally used but I like the flavour they add)
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp garam masala
2 chillies finely chopped (optional)
3 tbsp cold pressed olive oil
1 tsp salt and to taste
Wash the silver beet really well and blanch it for 3 to 5 minutes in a small amount of boiling water. Remove it from the water and let drain. In a wok slightly heat 2 tbsp of the oil and add the cumin seeds, chilli, garlic, ginger and onion. Fry until the onion is translucent. Add the tomato, 1 tsp salt, coriander and garam masala and cook for a few minutes. Next cut the blanched silver beet very finely and add to the wok.
Cover and cook for 5 minutes then turn off the heat. In a frying pan fry the paneer in the remaining oil. You only need to brown two of the sides of the paneer. Drain the cooked paneer on kitchen paper and add it to the silver beet; it should be still warm but if you would like it hotter just heat up for 5 minutes or so. Serve with brown rice or millet.
Recipe by Sunshine #MeethiAngeethi

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kitchen remodeling and choosing the best kitchen design

It is an indisputable fact that the kitchen is one of the important parts of the home which is used by all members of the home on the regular basis. The lady of the home spends lot of time preparing food for her as well as also for the family members. This is the best reason why most of the homeowners prefer to spend more time as well as money for renovation and remodeling of the kitchen.
Today, when you take decision regarding renovation or remodeling of the kitchen and visit market, you will be able to choose the best one from infinite variety in the market. Most of the owners choose the thematic design such as an Italian design, a traditional design or a contemporary design. Most of the time, the choosing depends upon the existing interior design at home as well as the personal preferences and taste. If you don’t want common design, you can also choose the customized designer and get customized design.
But, before choosing the design, you also need to start with checking the latest kitchen appliances such as ceramic cook tops if you intend to change them after the renovation or remodeling of the kitchen.
So, how do you start and how you can make the best choice of designs for your kitchen. Today, most of the buyers prefer to purchase the contemporary design. In this category, you can make your choice from lot of designs. But, these designs have similar characteristics like simple and elegant look. The kitchen with contemporary look is functional, practical and modern.
Still, most of the home owners want something different, as they think that contemporary designs are largely similar. So, the appearance of the kitchen would be more or less will be the same. But, this is not true as every design is different and the skillful play of colors and light any kitchen can make lot of difference. Also, the contractor and creativity or skill that is hired by you makes a significant difference in style of the kitchen.

Things you should know when you are going to hire contractor
When you are making the vital decision of hiring contractor, the first thing you should do is the background check of the shortlisted contractors that are under consideration for the project. Only after you are satisfied, you should ask for quotation for the work.
The background checks includes their experience, past portfolio and many other questions such time taken to complete the project and reason behind the kitchen design. With their response, you will be able to make some quick assessments regarding his suitability for your kitchen remodeling.
You can also take references from your family members, friends and colleagues regarding the best contractor. The contractors, who have good reputation in market, offer quality services and have lot of experience. If the contractor has won any award, he definitely does prestigious work.
These are some of the criteria’s you should apply for when you are looking for the best contractor for your kitchen remodeling or renovation.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Some tips before taking final decision regarding kitchen remodeling

Almost all people consider the kitchen as the heart and the soul of any home, but most often there is always clutter in kitchen, which dismisses the inviting, warm and comfortable attraction of the kitchen. This is because there are many qualities, which are missing when making the decision to renovate or building the kitchen of any home.

But, most of the people do not notice the design flaws unless it is too late. These design flaws are not noticed during the construction or renovation of the kitchen, but they are discovered when it is too late and results in additional expense to fix them. So, it is prudent to plan and check every detail when it is at planning stage for the best results. During that time, you need to talk with architect and the contractor for input of every pertinent detail and confirm it with them.

Before planning, you need to have discussion with the person, who is going to use the space for most of the time such as the lady of the house and understand her requirement in thorough way. You should also consider the element of timelessness rather than trendy look as the kitchen is going to be used for a long time period. In addition to that, it can be easily being worked in a practical way. 

Decorating your kitchen in a pleasing way

The basic elements of every kitchen are same but with a slight twist, you can easily transform your old looking boring kitchen into a new modern looking kitchen. You can choose different themes and modern kitchen appliances for your kitchen to give it a pleasing look. Kitchen is the place where meals for your family are cooked and served. You must give it a personal touch while decorating or renovating it. A kitchen should be decorated in such a way that it is suitable and pleasant for every member of your family. 

Here are some essential things that can help you in decorating your kitchen in a better and pleasing way. 

Walls and tiles

For the walls of your kitchen, you have three options available. You can choose between wallpapers and tiles to decorate the walls of your kitchens. You can also choose to simply paint the walls. When you go with tiles, there are many different patterns and colours available in the market. You can also select to apply wallpapers with floral pattern on the walls of your kitchen to give them a fresh feel. When choosing colour for the walls of your kitchen, go for neutral and light colours such as beige, grey or ivory.


Kitchen flooring can be good way of impressing guests and friends. In the modern times, you have plenty of options of kitchen flooring to choose from. You can choose from hardwood, oak, laminate, sandstone ad marble flooring. Marble and porcelain are the most popular materials for kitchen flooring as they are sturdy, durable and give your kitchen floor a rich look. Many people also choose ceramic tiles for kitchen flooring which also a good idea. 


Kitchen appliances are the basic components of any kitchen. Having classy kitchen appliances is essential if you want your kitchen to be aesthetically pleasing. For gas stove four burner stove is best. It also covers the empty space and allows you faster and easy cooking. Apart from that, toaster oven, refrigerator, mixer grinder, microwave, and dishwasher are some of the appliances that are must have for every modern kitchen.


Kitchen cabinets can create an enchanting ambiance in your kitchen and are essential feature of any modern kitchen. When you buy kitchen cabinets, pay close attention on the designs and style of the cabinets. Make sure that the design of the cabinets goes well with theme and colour pattern of your kitchen.  There are cabinets available in various materials such as laminates, solid wood, tempered glass, etc.

Kitchen counter 

The counter top of your kitchen must be chosen carefully and must match the d├ęcor of the kitchen. The material of the kitchen should be easy to clean and be maintenance free. It should also be resistant to cracks and scratching as they are common while working in a kitchen. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Some tips before taking final decision regarding kitchen remodeling

Almost all people consider the kitchen as the heart and the soul of any home, but most often there is always clutter in kitchen, which dismisses the inviting, warm and comfortable attraction of the kitchen. This is because there are many qualities, which are missing when making the decision to renovate or building the kitchen of any home.

But, most of the people do not notice the design flaws unless it is too late. These design flaws are not noticed during the construction or renovation of the kitchen, but they are discovered when it is too late and results in additional expense to fix them. So, it is prudent to plan and check every detail when it is at planning stage for the best results. During that time, you need to talk with architect and the contractor for input of every pertinent detail and confirm it with them.

Before planning, you need to have discussion with the person, who is going to use the space for most of the time such as the lady of the house and understand her requirement in thorough way. You should also consider the element of timelessness rather than trendy look as the kitchen is going to be used for a long time period. In addition to that, it can be easily being worked in a practical way. 

When you are choosing the material and designs, always remember to mark out a budget before having a look. This is because, after that, you also need to purchase kitchen appliances and other items, which will be suitable for the place. When you choose the permanent kitchen fixtures, like the kitchen cabinets or countertops, you need to choose classic designs, so that you don’t need to remodel them just because they are out of fashion.

One of the important design elements is kitchen lighting, which can make or break your budget, as well as affect your kitchen in financial or safety matters. The bad choosing in this matter can affect the ambiance of the kitchen. It includes the installation of kitchen lighting fixtures and windows at the strategic locations. If you make bad choices, it can have negative effect in darkness as well as increase in power bills.

Safety is another important element during the planning of the kitchen. When we see any scene about electrocution mishaps, we do feel the effect, but when it happens to our loved ones, it becomes a dire tragedy. Today, most of the kitchen appliances use power and their features so innovative it takes some time to master them.

So, when you purchase non-stick tawa's, you need to check the detailed information provided thoroughly before you make the purchase. When you get the door-step delivery, you need to teach their correct use to the members of the family before using it in earnest.

As it has been said countless times, any kitchen is the center of the home. So, you need to make a complete check and get detailed information before embarking on kitchen remodeling. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cooking in its innovative form

Meethi angeethi cook tops are loaded with lava rocks. They are an alternative to the modern version of coal. In fact, you are bound to get all the benefits associated with angeeti and in an intelligent manner avoid the inconvenience caused by it, as well. To sum it up, one can experience the traditional form of slow cooking. This form of cooking is all the more recommended by the health experts as the food cooked through this medium reduces the blood pressure, and also, the chances of diabetes are reduced to a bare minimum. In one way, one can keep a tab on their weight gains as the food cooked through this medium is free from any form of fats, as well. In addition to this, organic food is known to retain the nutritional value of the food. The essential minerals along with the natural oils are protected which is known to add a flavor to the food, which you cannot resist in any way.

This product is an ideal one for all the food buffs who tend to miss a traditional flavor to their food. It is an innovative product, which is a perfect combination of a modern gas stove and a traditional angeethi. The meethi angeethi uses lava for cooking food and, in hindsight, provides heat to the food, which is being cooked. So, what is the utility of the lava rocks? First and foremost, they tend to absorb the excess amount of oil and moreover are good in the radiation of heat. This makes it an efficient along with a healthy form of cooking. So, one can cook their food in an organic manner, and at the same time, retain the nutritional value of food. In a sense, one can feel that cooking has gone traditional mannerism with this form of gas stove. In addition to this, your kitchen is provided with a modern outlook.

To add an artistic appeal to your kitchen, you can opt for a glass top version of it. Different variants of it are provided with a single burner, double, triple or four-burners. In short, one can choose as per the needs of their family and budget considerations. One can also opt for a stainless steel version, which gives a sleek design along with a sturdy design. Two skewers come along with it which makes roasting as well as grilling a convenient aspect.

When you buy Meethi angeethi cook tops, the best route to avail will be the online platform. Here innovation along with traditionalism is combined in the best possible manner. Most of the shopping websites have a dedicated customer service term that is there to help you with your queries. If you can clear your doubts, do a systematic research and purchase the one which suits your needs. Most of them have a returns policy in place where you can return the products if you are not satisfied.