Friday, February 6, 2015

The captivating look gas stoves

After the gas stoves transformed the cooking scene by removing the tedium in it, the movement has been toward making the kitchen look more attractive. Flat-top stove with a ceramic-glass finish is the first step in this direction. The flat-top stoves are made of a mix of ceramic and glass. They are neither all-glass nor all ceramics. They have the qualities of both ceramics and glass.
Strong but brittle
Cook tops made of glass are given a heat treatment. This results in partial crystallization of the surface.  The final result is: the extremely strong cook top can expand like ceramics but does not remain porous. The new blend can withstand huge changes in temperature without being affected in any way. But, if a hard object falls on it, it can break. Also, it can easily be scratched by granules stuck under a sliding utensil.

Electric heating
Many people are lured by the great shiny look of the smooth ceramic-glass cook tops. Their heating source is a set of coils. The coils are under the surface and thermostats indicate whether a burner is still on. If the heat output is low, the burner won’t turn red. But it won’t indicate if the stove is still hot. Cast iron utensils or stone or glassware are not compatible with these cook tops.  No cookware can be or should be dragged on these cooktops at it will leave scratches there. Another point to be careful about is to never let any cookware to boil dry, because it then has a tendency to get fused with the glass. The current drawn by these stoves is rather high and families must confirm the rating of their electrical connections before going for these.
They need time to get heated
The coils need time to get heated sufficiently to provide sufficient heat for cooking. After switching off too, the coil takes time to cool down. So, families have to adjust their cooking styles to this aspect of the cooking stoves. Electrical heating can be uneven. Induction top heats the area in direct contact with the cookware. The other part of the cookware will remain cold. Induction cook tops however are efficient and their operating cost is low.
Easy to clean
Ceramic- Glass Stove can be cleaned easily because its top is flat. But they can be cleaned only if the specified cleaner is used. The spills should be wiped clean as soon as they occur. A glass-scraper works well for dried-on spills. Abrasive cleaners and metal pads are not to be used to clean ceramic-glass cook tops. Soft sponges or clothes are to be used. And the cook tops have to be cleaned frequently.
The reason behind buying
Many online shops now offer to provide ceramic-glass stove tops. They offer products of many brands and offer substantial long warranty periods. The prices are competitive and they also offer discounts from 10 percent to 50 percent. The buyers have to finalize their selection by taking into consideration all the aspects of the offer. But usually, the aesthetic value of the stove top is the most admired value in these products, and the buyers will be ready to pay the price demanded if they love the look.