Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Different cooking methods used in modern kitchens

In last several years, cooking habits of people have changed to a great extent. People are now using various methods of cooking ranging from gas, electricity and even electromagnetic induction. Every cooking method has their own pros and cons and people use them according to their cooking habits and requirements. If you are also planning to buy a cooking range or a stove for your kitchen, here is some information for you about different cooking methods used in the modern kitchen  so that you could decide which one is best for you based upon your cooking habits and cooking requirements.

Gas stoves

Gas stoves are the favourite among all the cooking methods used in the modern world. Even the professional cooks and chefs prefer to cook on gas stove for a simple reason that the gas stoves are best for better control on cooking. When you are using a gas stove, you can easily decrease and increase the heat by adjusting the flames, and for that, all you need to do is just turn a knob. As you have a complete control over heat, you can try even the trickiest recipes in your kitchen. Additionally, when you have complete control on heat, you can decide the time taken for your dish to cook. The heat is evenly distributed to the base of cooking utensil, which makes it more efficient and economical. The gas stoves are available in various aesthetic designs too such as marble top gas stoves, glass top gas stoves, stainless steel gas stoves and others. The best thing about gas stoves is that they are not dependent on electricity for working, which makes them suitable for areas where there is a problem of electricity shortage or frequent power cuts.

Electric stoves

Electric stoves are also used for cooking. They consist of a heating coil called element. Although electric stoves are not very efficient and economical, yet they can be used when there is absence of gas. Electric stoves are easy to use, but they possess a great safety threat.

Induction cookers

Induction cookers are the most advanced cooking method, which uses electricity and works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. They actually do not produce any heat but convert the cooking utensil into a heat producing object. The induction cookers induce small eddy currents in the cooking utensil, which cause them to produce heat, which is used for cooking. The only problem with induction cookers is that you cannot use the normal cooking utensils with them. In order to cook on an induction cooker, you must buy some cooking pots and pans with a perfectly flat base and are made from ferrous material. The induction cookers are programmable and are very safe to use. They provide heat so precisely that only the base of the utensil is heated, which makes them efficient and economical too.