Friday, February 13, 2015

Best ways of cooking for maximum health benefits

Food is the main aspect that has a great impact on our health. Choosing the right ingredients, food items and recipe is not enough to ensure that the food we eat will provide us maximum nutrition values. It is also important to choose our way of cooking for best health benefits from food. Cooking of food must be done in such as way that it retains the maximum nutrition value of the food and provides best health benefits to us. Here are two basic ways that can be adopted for retaining the nutrition in food during cooking.

Slow cookers

Studies suggest that if the food is cooked slowly for a long time, it gives the maximum benefits and also has a better taste and flavor. There are many reasons why you should adopt slow cooking. The first reason is that it will give a boost to the flavors of the food ingredients and will do justice to your recipe. Slow cooking allows the food to cook in its own juices, which cause flavors to infuse properly.

The second reason is that you get plenty of time free for other things when you are cooking on a slow cooker. You try to make stew in a slow cooker by putting all the ingredients at once and set the required time and forget it. A slow cooker can be used to create delicious dishes while being at work or spending time with family.  It is very difficult to make mistake when cooking on a slow cooker as it gives a plenty of time. The low cooking temperature packs the dishes with flavour and nutrition. Also, with low cooking temperature, it is not possible for you to burn, scorch or over cook your recipe. In fact, longer cooking time gives the flavours from different ingredients. You can easily buy a slow cooker from online store and enjoy its benefits.

Meethi angeethi

Meethi angeethi is an innovative concept that combines the benefits of traditional cooking on coal along with the ease of the modern gas stoves. The meethi angeethi is equipped with modern gas burners along with lava rocks on it. The lava rocks provide you the benefits of cooking on coal without the hazards associated with the coal. The lava rocks are best for absorbing the excess of grease and oil from the recipes making it a healthy way of cooking. Another benefit of meethi angeethi cook tops is that the lava rocks are good in retaining heat hence save energy. The best thing about meethi angeethi is that the lava rocks have lifetime durability, and hence you can keep enjoying the benefits for your life.  This form of cooking is recommended by most of the health experts as it is beneficial in conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. As the food cooked on meethi angeethi is less fatty and oily, it can be a great option for weight management.