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An angithi is a traditional brazier used for space-heating and cooking in the northern areas of the South Asia, mainly in North IndiaPakistan and Nepal. Angithis usually generate heat from burning coal and, when in use, have glowing coal or charcoal pieces but few or no flames.

Angithi was a primary stove, or a secondary stove to Chulha. The exterior of Angithi looks like a pale to fetch water, because Angithi is made from a pale or bucket. In Hindi bucket is called Balti. A galvanized steel (to minimize rust) Balti is converted to an Angithi. A small access opening is cut near the bottom of the Balti. The inside of the Balti is coated with a mixture of concrete and clay to form a uniform cylinder in the center of the bucket. The inside diameter of the cylinder is kept between 7 to 7.5". Halfway through the length of the cylinder, an iron grate is installed. The charcoal is added from the top and supported by the grate on the top half of the cylinder. Paper, dried twigs are fed through the opening on the bottom to start fire and light the charcoal and Upla At the top surface three stops (about1" high) are formed at 120 degrees. The cookware rests on these stops. All the exposed surface of the concrete/clay structure is routinely coated with a mixture of clay and cow dung.
Angithi is also used as a space heater to keep the sleeping room warm during winter nights.

Fuel for the Angithi
Initially, the Angithi is fired up with a small amount of Charcoal (Lakdi Koyla) and pieces of Upla. Once charcoal starts to light, mined coal (Pathar Koyla) is added. After loading coal, the Angithi is put outside to prevent hazardous fumes from spreading inside the house. After the fumes have ceased, the Angithi is brought back inside for cooking

LPG Meethi Angeethi Stove :-
Meethi angeethi cooktops are loaded with lava rocks which are the modern alternative to coal. This gives you all the benefits that came along with a Angeethi and intelligently avoids all the inconvenience it caused.
It is universally agreed that the best way to foster flavors and retain food value, the way to cook is slow. There are 3 main reasons why you should make time for slow cooking. Firstly, you boost your flavors and do your food justice by saving its nutrients by allowing it to cook in their own juices and infuse flavors beautifully. Secondly, you save time with slow cooking; you can explore slow cooking recipes and try techniques like stewing by putting all ingredients in a pot, set the time and walk away. You can create mouthwatering dishes whilst at work, running errands or spending time with family. This leads to the third benefit of making flawless food packed with flavor. It is difficult to go wrong with slow cooking; the low cooking temperatures make it tough to burn, overcook or scorch your meal. In fact longer cooking times bring out the savory flavors from the various ingredients.
Super LPG Appliances brings to you an innovative fusion of the traditional angeethi and a modern kitchen stove. It intelligently avoids the hazards associated with the coal based angeethi while retaining the benefits that come along with it. Its unique design has the power to enhance the food value by absorbing excess fat and grease. It can also be used for barbecuing at home without the conventional smoke hazards. The lava burner saves energy by retaining and radiating heat for consistent cooking. It is an effective and organic way to cook as it reduces blood pressure and controls diabetes. The cherry on the cake is the lifetime durability of these amazing lava burners guaranteeing performance and good health for you and your family. Get Sunshine in your life.
  1. Organic cooking reduces blood pressure and diabetes.
  2. Retains and radiates heat for faster cooking.
  3. Lava rocks, a good conductor of heat, are an innovative source of effective cooking.
  4. Use of Lava Rocks LPG stove for cooking solves most challenges of cooking nutritious, fat free tasty food.
  5. Lava rocks are used to retain and reflect heat in the LPG stove or barbecue and absorbs excessive fats and oil, thus enhancing the cooking process.
  6. Lava rocks have a unique characteristic to provide even and consistent temerature that is suitable for cooking.
  7. Lifetime durability.
  8. Even and consistent cooking.
  9. Better barbecued food without conventional smoke hazards.
  10. Absorbs excess fat and grease.
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